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Auto Transport Equipment Service Refurbishment & Soft-Tie Conversions

Your truck and equipment is your livelihood and it needs to be in better than simply "okay" condition. That's why we retain the most experienced and highly-trained technicians and fabricators in the business and support them with top-notch tools and equipment.

Truck & Trailer Refurb

aterefurb 160Our techs and fabricators are factory trained and certified. Working in tandem with our fully-stocked parts department, they will take your tired and rusty truck, headrack and/or trailer and return it to it's former glory, shine and operability. We're talking full disassembly, media blasting, re-working and finishing, including all new parts and hardware. It may sound expensive but it's a far sight cheaper than a new rig when a new rig isn't in the budget. Click here to see our refurb before & after photo galleries.

  •     Hose Kit Replacement
  •     Wiring Harness Replacement
  •     Boydstun Enclosed Top Rail Replacement
  •     Boydstun Enclosed Curtain Replacement
  •     Open Style Car Carrier Tarp Installation
  •     Frame Rail Replacement
  •     Trailer Suspension Bushings
  •     Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains
  •     Full Headrack, Trailer and Cab Paint and Bodywork
  •     Combine With a Soft-Tie Conversion For New Life For Your Hauler

Soft-Tie Conversions

softtieconversionexpertsWe can take your headrack and trailer and give it a complete integrated soft-tie conversion. We're talking full functionality, ease of use and user safety at up-to-date standards. We don't just cobble together some straps and hooks to fit your trailer. Click here to see our soft-tie conversion photo gallery.

  •     Decking and Winch Tubes Modified To Accept Integrated Soft Ties
  •     Pelican Hooks Added So Chains Can Be Used In All Positions When Needed
  •     All Headrack and Trailer Positions Set Up For Soft Ties
  •     Complete or Partial Conversions
  •     Combine With a Refurb For New Life For Your Hauler

General Truck Service and Repair

Let our factory-trained Master Techs get your truck running in tip-top condition again. Whether it's a simple PM, brakes, a clutch problem or a full in-frame, we deliver and quality and service you deserve.